Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TopBox March 2013 - Regular Box Review

Hello lovelies!
The mailman brought me my March TopBox today. This month, the Prive options didn't interest me much. On top of that, last month's regular Topbox looked great, so I opted for a normal box this month. I'm not feeling so great about that decision now. This is what I received this month:

Let's take a closer look:

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Perfume
Size: 4ml (Full size 50ml retails for $79)
Worth: $6.32
This is a fairly strong scent, but it's pleasant. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to use it, though. It's just a glass vial with a plastic cap - no spray nozzle. This gives me vibes of those free samples Sephora gives out.
By the looks of things, other subscribers received a really nice little Marc Jacobs perfume sampler in a cute bag.

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme
Size: 25ml (Full size 200ml retails for $42)
Worth:  $5.25
I haven't tried any Aveda products before, so this is a nice opportunity. The scent is a bit too strong for my liking, but I'll give it a try.

 L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil
Size: 2x 3ml samples (Full size 125ml retails for $26)
Worth: $1.25
This disappoints me the most. This really feels like a sample you'd receive for free from Sephora or a similar store. 
MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
Size: 1 full size mask 
Worth: $4.99
My skin's been suffering lately with the cold, harsh weather, so I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

Overall value of box: $17.81

That's disappointing. Topbox costs me $13.80 a month after taxes making this box hardly worth more than I paid. I've been a subscriber for a few months now and this is definitely the worst box I've received. If this were a Glymm box, I'd be really happy with the contents -  but Topbox has set the bar high. I really hope this was just an "off" month and Topbox will continue to impress me like they have in previous months.

If you received a Topbox this month, what were your feelings? If not, how does this box make you feel about wanting to subscribe?


  1. I'm with you. This is my first Topbox and I'm really disappointed!

    I feel like it's a bit of a letdown and I also think it's quite unfair that some subscribers received the Marc Jacob coin purse with 3 perfume samples in it. I got the VW Lovestruck and they say that this is an equal 'sample' to the Marc Jacob because of the size. But you know what, the coin purse is so cute and usable that that should be counted as a 'sample' in itself.

    I'm giving it one more month and if it sucks again, I'm unsubscribing

    1. I worried I was being too harsh or expecting too much, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one disappointed. I definitely feel the same about the Marc Jacobs sample. I saw spoilers a few days ago and was so excited to receive it, it's so cute! Such a disappointment.

  2. I just find it odd how the contents vary so much. Last month, there was a full-size DL polish and a generous size MUFE compact in the regular box (which is what encouraged me to go for the regular box this month), and this month features TINY sizes, as well as 2 items that have been given out before. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I've received both the perfume and mask in previous boxes, so I will definitely be inquiring about replacements if I get them again, especially since in the survey from the mask, I indicated I didn't like it and would not want to receive any more samples from the brand.

    1. Last month's box was what encouraged me to go for the regular box this month as well. This box gives me vibes of free samples and leftovers. I hope Topbox will come through and provide a better box next month as well as fix your duplicate samples if that's what you'll receive.

  3. I got the exact same box and was also pretty disappointed. I don't consider Mythic Oil a luxury brand at all and the Aveda lotion has a really odd smell in my opinion. the other two items are ok I suppose but I'm not very impressed overall.

    1. I feel the same about the Mythic Oil. I don't mind receiving lower end products from time to time but it really bothers me when it's such a small sample size. The whole reason I avoided the Aveda box was because I'm sensitive to a lot of strong earthy scents, which I figured the Aveda products would have, so when I pulled out the Aveda creme I was quite disappointed. Hopefully I'll be able to find a family member or friend who doesn't mind the smell and can enjoy the creme. Fingers crossed for a better box for everyone next month!

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