Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ipsy Canada June 2013 - Review and Swatches!

Another month, another great Ipsy bag! This bag's theme was "On the Wild Side".

First of all, I have to say that this is my favorite color/print bag yet! Neon and animal print in one bag!

Here's what was inside:

- Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner in "Purple" - $21 retail
- NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in "12 Dare" - $7 retail
- J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in "SCP 106" - $4.49 retail
- Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon - $18 retail
- Starlooks Lip Pencil in "Bare" - $12 retail

Total value: $62.49

I found the packaging on the eyeliner a little odd, so I took a picture of it apart. The brush itself is a bit too thick for my liking, but I like the idea that it came with one. 

And here's the swatches!
On the left is the cream palette - overall, I'm not that impressed with it. It would need one heck of a base in order to stay in place. It reminds me of those cheap sparkly palettes they sell at Claire's for kids.
Next is the blush, the highlighter, the eyeliner, and the lip pencil.

I'm extremely pleased with this month's bag. Sure the shades clearly aren't the most well suited to my skin tone, but hey, that's okay! It was still well worth the $15. I also love that there's some different brands for me to try that I'd previously never heard of.

If you'd like to sign up to receive awesome bags like this in the mail every month, click here!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ipsy MyGlam Bag Canada May 2013 Review

Well, Ipsy does it again! This month's theme was "Spring Fling" and featured some really great products. Here's what I got:

Super cute bag! 

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter 
6 oz Full size retails for $24 - 2 oz sample worth $6

Zoya Nail Polish in Neely
Full size received worth $8

Mirabella Loose Perfecting Powder
Full size received worth $30

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink
Full size received worth $15

Yaby Cosmetics Concealer Refill in Buff
Full size received worth $4.85

Total: $63.85
Paid: $15

Super quick swatches.
Left: Zoya Neely - Applies like a dream, beautiful color! I wish my local beauty supply carried Zoya.
Right: Juice Beauty Gloss and Yaby Concealer in Buff

So so happy with this month's bag! Not only was it a high value bag but everything in it is something I'll definitely use. Bravo Ipsy!

Lip Factory Inc Canada May 2013 Box and Review

Another month, another LipFactory box! As usual, it arrived right on time. This month's theme was "Under the Veil". Here's what was inside:

NYX Gloss in 05 Sparkle - $2.50 retail
Studio 277 Lip Gloss in Almost Nude - $9.50 retail
Studio 277 Stunners Loose Eyeshadow in Kryptonite - $9.50 retail
NYX Color Lip Balm in Arigato - $3 retail
Be a Bombshell Blush in Glowing Goddess - $16 retail
"Flat Sponge Blender Brush" no brand listed - $1.50 retail (approx.)
Pure Ceuticals Kuikui Nut Mineral Scrub Sample - $1.00 retail (approx.)

Total Value: $43
What I paid: $27.50 after shipping charges and currency exchange

Overall, I'm really disappointed in this month's box. My last few boxes from Lip Factory have been great, but this isn't on the same level. When paying $27 a month for a box, I don't expect to receive products that I can walk into any drug store and buy for a few dollars. As well, my biggest issue with my skin is redness - so I never wear blush, making the most valuable item in the box useless to me. The two items from Studio 277 seem promising, but their website is terrible so I can't see myself ever ordering any more of their products. Hopefully next month's box will be back to being as great as my previous Lip Factory boxes!

May 2013 Prive Topbox - PretendTAN Self Tanner

This month, there were quite a few different options for prive boxes:

  • CoolWay Box containing a repair mask and styling spray
  • MaskerAide Box containing 4 full size masks
  • February Favorites box containing items previously featured in the February box
  • Elizabeth Arden box containing the items featured in the April EA box
  • Ferro Cosmetics box containing a full sized blush and kabuki brush ($10 extra charge)
  • PretendTAN box containing an applicator mitt and your choice of a full size bronzing mist or bronzing mousse ($9 extra charge)
As well, there was of course the option to receive a regular Topbox.

I chose a regular box in March and April and they were less than fabulous, so I opted to pay the extra $9 plus taxes to receive the PretendTAN box. Here's what I received:

1 PretendTAN Tan Applicator Mitt - Retail Value $7.50
1 Bottle PretendTAN Bronzing Mist - Retail Value $30

Total Value: $37.50 + taxes
What I paid: $21 + taxes

Overall, not the greatest valued box, but a really nice change from the regular small samples and things I don't use. I'm looking forward to trying this in a few days once my current self tanner is off. Stay tuned for a review!

Which Topbox did you receive this month?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Artistic Color Gloss Spring 2013 Collection Review

Just a quick post to share my recent experience with Artistic Nail Design Color Gloss gel polish. I noticed this set at my local beauty supply and the colors were unique enough to lure me into buying them. 

The six polish set came in this nice box that could be used as a display. It contained:
Charming - Tiffany blue with a bit of a green cast
Sincere - Pastel pink
Graceful - Pastel blue
Flawless - Pastel yellow
Alluring - Yellow/orange 
Poised - Off white

After picking them up, I excitedly hurried home to test them out. Yellow being my favorite color, Flawless was of course the one I decided to try first. The results? Not so pretty...

(Sorry for the terrible iPhone picture, I was too disgusted to drag out my camera)

After a two minute cure in my UV lamp, I began to apply the second coat (extremely thin, of course!) only to realize that the layer underneath was dragging and hadn't been properly cured. I put them back in for another 2 minutes, but no luck. The picture above was the result of me running my finger along the surface. Clearly, you can see it wasn't cured and came right off. 

Disappointed, I trudged off to find my swatch sticks, thinking the problem might be with my fingers themselves. The results of that? Just as bad.
Here's Charming, Graceful, and Flawless. All cured for two minutes with two coats - not so charming, graceful or flawless are they? Needless to say, I returned them the next day. 

As a Nail Tech, I expect high quality from the products I buy. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with this Artistic Color Gloss collection, and it will likely be my first and only purchase from the brand. I apologize for the low quality pictures but I really wanted to share my experience and hopefully spare some people from having one that's similar. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lip Factory March 2013 Canada Review

In the battle of this month's beauty boxes - we have a winner!
This is my first month receiving Lip Factory, a box based out of Florida. The box costs $26 USD a month for Canadian subscribers ($4 a month extra shipping fee is included in this price). This is quite a bit more expensive than other boxes, but I feel it's worth the extra money, especially since shipping was speedy. Each month, they focus on one feature. This month it was all about the lips! Curious about what's in my first Lip Factory box? Keep reading. :)

A+ for presentation!

A nice welcome card and this month's product info card.

The goodies! Let's break it down:

Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex Age Smart
Size: Foil sample (Full size 1.75ml retails for $26)
Worth: ??

Be A Bombshell Lipgloss in "Sugar Lips"
Size: Full size
Worth: $16
I received a Bombshell lipgloss in a previous Ipsy box but the color didn't do anything for me. I'm excited to try it in a different shade.

Designer Skin Lip Shimmer in "After Glow"
Size: Full size
Worth: ~$10
I love trying new brands! This gloss promises to be long wearing, high shine, and nourishing. 

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in "Hera"
Size: Full size
Worth: $6

Lip Factory Lip Brush
Size: Full size
Worth: ~$5

Nabi Lip Liner in "Currant"
Size: Full size
Worth: $1

Korres Liquid Lipstick in "54"
Size: Full size
Worth: $22

Ofra Cosmetics Lipstick in "Berry Sexy"
Size: Full size
Worth: $13
The color of this picture is a little off, it's actually not quite as dark as it appears. 

LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Gloss in "Forbidden"
Size: Full size
Worth: $7

Total Value of Box: $80

I'm so happy with this subscription! Not only did I receive all full sized products, but they're all wearable colors that I'll definitely use. A lot of the items I receive from other subscriptions just sit in my drawer, but these won't!

If you'd like to subscribe to Lip Factory and receive awesome items like these, head over to www.lipfactoryinc.com and say I sent you! (Referral number 28004)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ipsy Canada March 2013 - The Great Escape Review

More mail, yay! Today brings me my March Ipsy bag. This month's theme is "The Great Escape" featuring a nautical/travel theme. Here's what was in the pink metallic bubble mailer this month:

Let's break it down:
Firstly, the bag. Super cute! Definitely not as high quality as the last few bags, feels pretty cheap, but it's still cute.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
Size: 30ml (Full size 200ml retails for $22)
Worth: $3.30
This feels nice on the skin, but the spray is definitely heavier than a mist. I hate to say this, but the smell is really strange to me. It reminds me of bologna mixed with Off! Bug spray lol.

LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes
Size: Full size 8 wipes
Worth: $1.99
Looking forward to giving these a try. They smell nice, almost like a faint baby powder smell. 

Glam RX Magnetic Palette
Size: About the size of a credit card, holds maybe 2-3 full size eyeshadow
Worth: This palette was supposedly made exclusively for Ipsy. Based on their website, I'm going to estimate it to be worth around $10.

Yaby Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Azalea Petal (Left) and Seashell (right)
Size: These are itty bitty. Think just slightly bigger than Coastal Scents sample size - about the size of a dime. The site says they're 15.5mm (compared to a standard MAC shadow that's 27mm)
Worth: $3.15 a piece
I wish I'd received the other two color options for this item, but I'm happy to try a new brand. I want to love these, I really do. They're so tiny and cute, but the pigmentation is terrible.

Total Value of Bag: $21.59
What it cost me: $15.85

Not the best month for Ipsy, but still not terrible. The Glam RX palette was a nice surprise. Previous Ipsy bags have been great, so I'll stick it out and see what the next few months bring.

Canadian ladies, do any of you subscribe to Ipsy? Do you feel it's worth the money?