Saturday, 11 May 2013

Artistic Color Gloss Spring 2013 Collection Review

Just a quick post to share my recent experience with Artistic Nail Design Color Gloss gel polish. I noticed this set at my local beauty supply and the colors were unique enough to lure me into buying them. 

The six polish set came in this nice box that could be used as a display. It contained:
Charming - Tiffany blue with a bit of a green cast
Sincere - Pastel pink
Graceful - Pastel blue
Flawless - Pastel yellow
Alluring - Yellow/orange 
Poised - Off white

After picking them up, I excitedly hurried home to test them out. Yellow being my favorite color, Flawless was of course the one I decided to try first. The results? Not so pretty...

(Sorry for the terrible iPhone picture, I was too disgusted to drag out my camera)

After a two minute cure in my UV lamp, I began to apply the second coat (extremely thin, of course!) only to realize that the layer underneath was dragging and hadn't been properly cured. I put them back in for another 2 minutes, but no luck. The picture above was the result of me running my finger along the surface. Clearly, you can see it wasn't cured and came right off. 

Disappointed, I trudged off to find my swatch sticks, thinking the problem might be with my fingers themselves. The results of that? Just as bad.
Here's Charming, Graceful, and Flawless. All cured for two minutes with two coats - not so charming, graceful or flawless are they? Needless to say, I returned them the next day. 

As a Nail Tech, I expect high quality from the products I buy. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with this Artistic Color Gloss collection, and it will likely be my first and only purchase from the brand. I apologize for the low quality pictures but I really wanted to share my experience and hopefully spare some people from having one that's similar. 

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  1. That's so unusual for that to happen but then I don't have a UV lamp I have an LED but it should have been ok with a UV lamp. Maybe your lamp is getting on a bit, you would have used proper base coat etc. A real mystery.